Transform Lebanon Events

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• Nov. 21st

Noon – Lunch at Big Town Hero – “Be Undivided” – God has opened a great opportunity as our public schools are welcoming church people to volunteer in a variety of capacities. Thursday, November 21, you’ll have a chance to hear more about this and ask questions of Tyler Grove and Skyler Bascom who is Family Life pastor at the Community Chapel in Sweet Home and also works for the Lebanon School District. The free lunch is at noon at Big Town Hero.

• Nov. 28th

No TL prayer. Happy Thanksgiving!

• Dec. 19th

No lunch today. Our third Thursday of the month lunches will resume in January.

• Dec. 26th

No TL prayer. Merry Christmas!

• Jan. 26th

Community worship service at River Center, 6 pm.

• June 7th

Community worship service during Strawberry Festival at Cheadle Lake, 10:30 am.

• Weekly Year Round

Thursday prayer at The River Center State Room (3000 S. Santiam Hwy.). 8 to 9 am.